The Story

The Last Maharajah is a musical/costume drama set in London and Paris in 1887. The story combines the sweep of India with the world of Victorian England, and tells the tale of alliances – both personal and political – as Dalip Singh, the dispossessed Maharajah of the Punjab, begins a quest to reclaim the magnificent Koh-i-noor Diamond from Queen Victoria and restore himself to his lost throne.

Much of the action revolves around Dalip’s conflict with the cool, calm governance of Her Majesty’s Lords, and his brief but passionate relationship with Kitty Vaughan, the Cockney soubrette from the stage of the famous London Alhambra. With her help he resorts to trickery to flee to Paris to meet the wealthy and politically influential of Europe, who are only too willing to assist him in his endeavor to unseat the British Empire and return to his native land.

However, the fabulous Koh-i-noor, once deemed half the world’s worth, proves to be elusive and dangerous, and does not easily succumb to a change in ownership.

Set against an exotic background the score is a blend of opulent melodies and Olde Time Music Hall; the music hall setting providing the writers with the perfect opportunity to broaden the show’s appeal with bright choruses and memorable ballads.

The History

The Last Maharajah is collaboration between writer Hal Davies, composer Ziggy de Voight and lyricist Jackson B Sutcliffe. De Voight and Sutcliffe previously worked together on their musical Nostradamus, which premiered in Australia in 2002. This is their first collaboration with Davies, the writer of the hilarious musical farce All Above Board which, since its premiere in 1992, has had numerous productions around Australia and also UK.

The Last Maharajah has approximately 40 speaking parts many of which can be doubled, and gives chorus members ample opportunity to cover most of the minor roles. The settings, which range from the stage of the Alhambra to a London boarding house and from a luxurious ballroom to the Irish American Pub in Paris, can be as elaborate as budget will allow or realistically conveyed with imaginative use of lighting and with minimum props and furniture.



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